You can communicate with me by many ways. I mostly use more handy communication systems such as Skype or e-mails.

You can call me by my phone, but I'm not responding any calls from the numbers that I don't recognise/know. If you want to speak on the phone, you need to e-mail me your phone number and reason to communicate me.

Email: [email protected]

Cellphone Number: 0 507 168 96 05

Other ways you can find me;

Github: /BurakTokak

Twitter: @BurakTokak

StackOverFlow: /burak-tokak /tokakburak

Steam ID: troypc06

Skype: live:troypc

Lastfm: /buraktokak

TasteKid: /tokakburak

D&R: /Yazar/burak-tokak

Hamachi: LAN: buraktokak // password: 1 Troypc

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