At this page you can see my references (the newest at the top) the works that I want you to see is listed and will be added on this list,

Mayıs 2017 - Otsimo Sketch Game
Sketch game is a basic canvas sketching game with color & brush-size preferences. See source code

Mayıs 2017 - Lynx (CTF Bot)
Lynx is an interactive CTF Bot implemented with reactjs. (WIP) Created for online CTF events. See source code

Nisan 2017 - Circle: E-book Reader
An app for reading copyright free indie books, classic novels and more with a lightweight interface, using React Native. (abandoned) I'm thinking about making it opensource soon.

Nisan 2017 -
Scrollist is a content presentation system based on listing. I designed the UI and backend.

Mart 2017 - Wordlink
Wordlink is a (WIP) Little puzzle game/app for linking words, made with reactjs that I implemented in 3 hours. See source code

Şubat 2017 - Otsimo Child Dashboard
I worked on Otsimo Child app's new front-end. You can find otsimo child on google play or appstore. (React Native)

Ocak 2017 - Otsimo Video Modeling Game
I worked on Otsimo Video Modeling game, implemented with reactjs. See it on /otsimogames github page.

Ocak 2017 - Codusic
Codusic is a tool written in nodejs, that is crawling the most listened tracks from your lastfm, while you were working on a project & adds the list to your project. See it here

Kasım 2016 -
I designed & created the my collage cyber club's website (AUCC) with custom Jekyll theme.

Ekim 2016 -
A system that helps users find free Vectors and Icons in SVG format and let them download free mono or multi color SVG vectors for commercial use. Solo personal project.

Eylül 2016 - Responsive Web Design Book (TR)
A book about developing responsive interfaces for websites and web apps in dept, in Turkish. Check it on /kitaplar page.

Eylül 2016 - Political Image Stock System
An premium image stock system, specialized on suppling photographs for Turkish/non-Turkish newspapers and news websites by an anonymous costumer.

Ağustos 2016 - Otsimo AAC PECS · ongoing
Otsimo AAC is a mobile application that ables kids with autism who can not speak to compose phrases by tapping on the words. Otsimo AAC uses picture exchange communication system.

Temmuz 2016 -
A small cute Web UI design with mobile support for a local business and a small panel for the customer to upload new photos for the photo gallery.

Temmuz 2016 - Learn Bash App
A small cordova app to teach people how linux bash works and how easy it is to actually operate your computer via a black terminal. See on github.

Mayıs 2016 - etimolojiturkce-api
Content api for, Turkish etymology database. See on github.

Mayıs 2016 - Fitekran Mobile First
Mobile first responsive design for

Haziran 2016 - Marboru Corporate
Marboru Corporate website UI Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Haziran 2016 - Tekaysan Corporate
Tekaysan Corporate website UI Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Haziran 2016 - Themis Egitim UI
A responsive UI for themis egitim kurumlari. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Haziran 2016 - I/O
Form systems, database and a simple CMS. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mayıs 2016 -
UI for company Halley wallpapers, also a showcase and search system UI for the listing of wallpapers. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mayıs 2016 - Al Nour Holidays Interface Design
UI for a Holiday firm called AlNour. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mayıs 2016 - BrosurMerkezi Mobile App
A crossplatform app for workers to be in connect and a hub for the costumers of brosur merkezi to follow their distribution projects. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mayıs 2016 - Ulastirma Memursen UI
For an old CMS, designed a new UI and applied over to the old CMS as I develop the backend. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mayıs 2016 -
Personal website for Trainer Suat Yagci. UI and apply forms. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Nisan 2016 - Construction ERP System UI
Designed and applied an UI for an existing ERP system that is developed in .NET. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Nisan 2016 -
Backend & security controls. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Nisan 2016 - UrfaAnzelha Mobile App
An cordova based app for a local business to take orders online from their costumers. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim. Check it here.

Nisan 2016 -
Backend-frontend web development. Seo based corporate website. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Nisan 2016 -
Some UI works. Also built a system for the site admin to share photos on the site. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mart 2016 -
Improvements on the existing CMS and some backend for the admin to manage the website better. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Mart 2016 -
Traditional CMS, changed and mostly worked on the IU. Worked on this project at pikselbilisim.

Şubat 2016 - EtimolojiTurkce App
A cordova based cross-platform app for content, that allows users to research about the roots of the Turkish words on their phones.

Şubat 2016 - EtimolojiTurkce Mobile First
Mobile first responsive design for

Ocak 2016 - LoLQuiz (Stratera Quiz) App
A cordova powered online algorithmical mobile quiz app about League of Legends on both platforms Android & iOS. (Inactive now)

Aralık 2015 - HTML5, CSS3 ve Javascript ile Web Tasarımı Kitabı
A traditional handbook for beginners to web interface development. The book will be covering HTML, CSS, Javascript and practices.

Kasım 2015 - RunningApp
A cross-platform app for runners to keep track of their running/walking sessions.

Kasım 2015 - KiloluMusun App
A cordova app that gets inputs from user, calculates the IBM and decides if the user is considered overweight or not. Check here.

Ekim 2015 - Laaby Landing Page
I designed a Landing page for the project that i was working on. The action on the page turned out pretty well. Check it on

Eylül 2015 - Laaby Mobile App
Laaby’s UI adapt into responsive design then an Android application made with the webview property by me.

Eylül 2015 - Laaby UI & System
A system that allows personal trainers to keep track and train their costumers online. Worked 2 months on this project.

Mart 2015 - Lolitem DB, System & UI
Challenging database projection and management system built with PHP. Project aims to collect and serve information about the game League of Legends w/ SEO.

Şubat 2015 - Garoot
Garoot is an ideal system that compresses the data which has parts of repetitive data in it regular or irregular, like your mails, e-books, website databases, music files even your favorite TV show archive. (Still on pursue)

2015 -
A database driven website that allows users to see the Quotes of their favorite thinkers, has a responsive design.

2015 - WP Responsive Mag-Theme
With the material design trend, I created a new responsive wordpress magazine theme that mostly follows criteria of the material design. Published on themeforest.

2015 - FotoBlog WP Theme
A wordpress theme mostly focuses on the Photograph sharing. Tryed some new Seo tactics on this one. Published on themeforest.

2015 - Mag Theme
In this project created a special WordPress Theme, and did some efficiency work on website’s DB and SEO.

2015 -
A "sözlük" system for gamers. (inactive now)

2015 -
A forum interface design for gamers.

2015 - Unisoru WP Theme
A wordpress theme for the project Unisoru, an information portal for collage students.

2015 - Forum
A mybb forum theme, mainly focuses on UserExp. and content, did some work for SEO.

2015 -
A special responsive wordpress theme that i designed for a car fan website.

2014 -
A 3-col content focused wordpress magazine theme, i made for a special website.

2014 - Cursed Black Game
A game that made with pure Javascript and Html elements. Playable here.

2014 - Personal WP Blog Theme
A wordpress theme mainly focuses on personal content creators. Published on themeforest.

2014 - Ankarakiralikasansor
A website mostly focused on SEM advertisement. With a wordpress theme i made specially for this website.

2014 - Gaziantep Seryapi
A company website designed and programed by me. Check it on

2014 -
A company website with an special admin panel in PHP. Designed and worked on SEO.

2014 - Lolitem Blog Theme
A wordpress theme that i design for a project which mainly focuses the content.

2014 -
An etymology directory in Turkish that coded in PHP, with a special searching algorithm.

2013 - BT Portfolyo Theme
A wordpress theme that I design for my own website to show my references in wordpress.

2013 - Prof. Dr. Orhan Bayram
A personal information webpage a designed for a doctor.

2013 - SanalHostes
Mostly Seo foced UI for a company that sells virtual marketing models.

2013 -
Re-designed gaming forum system built top of mybb, worked on SEO on this site.

2013 -
A wordpress game portal theme, mostly focuses on the content and SEO.

2012 -
An e-commerce website project for a local restraunt that made with Opencard System.

2012 -
On this project, the Js on the page was unefficient and i did a little review and make it faster, did some SEO work.

2011 - WordPress Portfolio Theme
A wordpress theme that can be use to showcase a graphic designer’s personal Portfolio.

2010 -
A blog project related w/ a video game. Design a wordpress theme and work on SEO.

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